Touch Of Modern - NOHrD Sustainable Wood Fitness Gear SlimBeam // Ash (European) Photo

The SlimBeam is a comprehensive home gym and training system. It's a 165lb weight stack with plenty of optional accessories, and 3 separate options for resistance cables. A wall-mounted fixture, the SlimBeam lets you choose from 3 different bracket installations. The European bracket is ideal for solid wall, like concrete or brick, or a corner fixture. The Y bracket is an individual bracket with multiple 16 mounting holes that can be used for a 2 stud installation, and the Spine bracket allows for installation utilizing a single stud.Sustainably made in Germany, it's an elegant fitness solution that will blend seamlessly into your home decor.

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NOHrD Sustainable Wood Fitness Gear SlimBeam // Ash (European) by Touch Of Modern

Price: $1650.00
Condition: New
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